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A moral dilemma?

A moral dilemma? Consider the following: A very old man dies, he had a unit trust investment of R300k that he used to support himself and his wife –

Fear of dying

As human beings, emotions often dictate our behaviour. One of our dominating emotions (if we are honest with ourselves) is fear. Fear of loss, fear of being hurt, fear of being poor, fear of missing out, fear of being sick, fear of clowns, fear of needles…and probably most significantly, for most of us; the fear …

Executors fees

Not sure what happened this past weekend but I received 2 emailed questions (from unconnected clients) about executors fees this morning. Seems the discussion has been around the quantum of the fee and how much the traditional executors (banks, trust companies and attorneys) charge.  The maximum fee in law is 3.5%+VAT plus 6% on interest …