At The Financial Coach, we don’t manage money, we manage people and their emotions around money. 

The money will do what it is meant to do if we can get people to leave it alone.

However, let’s face it, we are emotional beings – thankfully. We laugh at comedy and cry at tragedy.

We buy things on sale with money we don’t have, even though we don’t need them and yet we dump our investments when the markets go on sale.

The truth is, we’re emotional beings, especially when it comes to our money.

It all started just after the millennium when the seed for The Financial Coach was planted at a conference that Gregg attended in 2002. In late 2017, after previously being part of another practice, Gregg decided to focus on what it means to run a fee-only financial planning practice in South Africa and moved his practice to 

The Financial Coach license.

The Financial Coach Foundation

After years of working in the NPO sector as a Project Manager, Trainer and Mentor, Pam Sneddon joined her husband, Gregg and launched The Financial Coach Foundation in June 2017.

Together, their passion is to promote social change and achieve real impact, with a focus on all interactions being positive, uplifting, resource-full and long lasting. 

The Financial Coach Foundation offers Basic Financial Training & Small Business Consulting.

Pam holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Small Enterprise Consulting (cum laude) from Tsiba University.