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It’s time that treasury stopped being short-sighted when it comes to the wealthy!

A few years ago, during the National Budget Speech, government put a cap of R350k pa on retirement contributions. It appears that no one at treasury has given this much thought

A case for higher offshore weighting within a living annuity?

There is this strange phenomenon in SA called Regulation 28 that is applied to retirement funds. It stipulates that retirement fund members may not have more than 75% of their funds in equities and no more than 25% of the fund invested offshore

To pay a penalty or not?

A client of mine presented a potential dilemma to me. He has a living annuity through Liberty Life but also has the bulk of his living annuity funds on a LISP platform. He was wanting to move the Liberty one to the LISP and consolidate his investments on one platform*. Under normal circumstances there should …

Bad business

Living annuities have received a lot of press in the past while and much of it has been critical of the product (sometimes rightly so). The issue has mostly been around the erosion of income because of poor fund selection and an income draw that is too high and thus not sustainable. This has resulted …

What’s worse?

When you finally get to retire from your pension fund or retirement annuity you are faced with a significant (and very important) choice about what kind of annuity you will purchase (with the compulsory portion of your fund). Simply put, there are 2 choices: a conventional life annuity (through an insurance company) or a “newer” …