Product Ratings – would we use them?

Hardly a day goes by when we are not bombarded by some product provider pushing their latest, fanciest, cleverest product our way. It’s time that we stopped and answered the question – would we use it? If it’s not good enough for us to use then it’s not good enough for our clients to use either.

Simply…too expensive!

Old Mutual TFSA – get’s a thumbs down…way too expensive! Rated 25 May 2017

Old Mutual Tax-free savings – stay away from this one!


Nedgroup Core Accelerated Fund – rated 3 May 2017 – it gets a big thumbs up

Nedgroup Core Accelerated Fund



Sanlam Cumulus Echo RA – gets a thumbs down – far too expensive to even consider (rated 24 April 2017)

Sanlam Cumulus Echo RA

Standard Bank Flexi Advantage Investment Account – rated 19 April – it gets a thumbs down

Gryphon Unit Trust Money Market Fund – rated 7 April 2017 – it gets a thumbs up.

Standard Bank Money Market Select Account – rated 4th April 2017 – it gets a thumbs down.

Coming soon – Liberty’s Agile Living Annuity as soon as we have managed to wade through the 18 age product brochure