The Financial Coach Foundation offers Basic Financial Training & Mentoring.


The Vision for this Training and Mentoring is to:

  • educate, empower and equip all individuals
  • provide a clear understanding of Basic Financial Planning
  • offer a holistic picture
  • provide practical help with Budgeting, Managing Debt and Writing Wills
  • outline options around Savings, Investments, and Insurance
  • improve the overall financial well-being of every individual
  • help create a clearer vision for their future


We are currently experiencing huge financial problems in SA. Many individuals have high debt levels, pay exorbitant interest rates, are living beyond their means, and have limited access to quality financial products. There is a lack of access to financial education, and the high level of inequality between the rich and the poor is growing. Many do not have a savings culture. Financial literary is not something that is taught at school level, so where do people turn to for sound advice?

At The Financial Coach we “Manage People and their Emotions around Money”…..

An obvious extension of the Financial Planning that we provide is to educate others using our quality expertise and knowledge, thereby providing a solid foundation….

All Training can be customised to suit your needs!

For more information pertaining to the Courses we offer, size of Groups, and the Costings please contact Pam directly:



“On behalf of the Stellenbosch University team I would like to thank you so much for your fantastic workshop on financial planning. The team found it eye-opening and informative. The content was accessible for everyone and you somehow found a way to make ‘finance’ interesting and engaging.”
Dr Jackie Stewart, Director Khayelitsha Research Centre

“I have really grown, and the sessions opened my thinking around money.”
Cynthia, WUCT Sewing Team.