Financial Education

We have been helping people to manage their emotions around money for more than 20 years. This site is where we get to fight for the “little guy”. We passionately write about things that really upset and frustrate us about the Financial Services industry, because we want it to be better. W e want it to offer better service , better value, better product, and a better experience for the end-user, which is you – our client! 

Hardly a day goes by when we are not bombarded by product providers pushing their latest, fanciest and/or cleverest product our way. It’s time that we stopped and answered the question – would we use it? If it’s not good enough for us to use then it’s not good enough for our clients to use either. 

Letter from and reply to an anxious investor

“Dear Gregg

Your pest client again! I was listening to an economist talking on the radio yesterday & he said we were not just in a recession but we are in a depression & it might take 10 years to come out of this. What if:

  1. What would it cost if I sold everything in my portfolio.
  2. Put it all into the money market.
  3. What are the Tax implications every year.
  4. When it came up to the level I am at now we buy everything back again & what would that cost.

Just a thought. I can just see you pulling your hair out …… saying oh X, X…I was thinking say I lost R300 000 doing the above as apposed to maybe losing R500 000 or maybe even R1 000 000.”

And then my reply…


Covid 19 - Planting Trees