Scam alert – ISM R5000 share portfolio

ISM R5000 Share portfolio scam on the go again

It seems that an old scam is on the go again. I have just received a call from a company claiming to be called “ISM” and advising me that I had won a R5000 share portfolio. They needed to make an appointment to bring the money to me – urgently.

It sounded too good to be true,  so I started asking questions … like when I had entered and how they got my details. I also asked them to please send me an email with this information. At which point, the caller hung up.

A quick online search shows that this is a scam which resurfaces every now and then (2013, 2015 and now 2017). Watch out for it. It’s a scam!

4 thoughts on “Scam alert – ISM R5000 share portfolio

  1. Seems like the scam is back! I have just received a call from “Capitalone” saying I have just won R5000 in shares, and can they drop them off tomorrow. When I told her to call me back tomorrow, after I investigate the validity of this prize, she bluntly said to me “OK suite yourself”, and slammed the phone down. Don’t think she is gonna call back tomorrow though… Whatever!

  2. Received the CaptiolOne call just as John did, as soon as i asked too many questions she became more and more agitated.

  3. Received the same call today. Here was my interaction:

    Telemarketer from a company DIVERSE POINT claiming that “you have been selected for a free R5000 share portfolio”. Upon asking why they do not have a website – was told that google is too expensive and that there are associated advertising costs. I then asked them to rather send me a email – was told that the email is more than 20GB’s or 350 pages and they cannot send it to ordinary email boxes. Extremely questionable and unethical business practices.

    Do not entertain these calls OR give out your personal information.

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