SARS – touching lives negatively

SARS – touching lives negatively

Just received a revised assessment from SARS for a client for the 2014 tax year, disallowing her retirement annuity contribution and thus resulting in a revised assessment and penalties!!!

On what planet does SARS get to disallow an RA contribution? Do they now get to make up their own rules? Are they so desperate for money that they are now issuing frivolous penalty assessments to scare clients into paying to improve SARS’ cash-flow?

This is insane and amounts to victimization by SARS. It’s definitely not in keeping with SARS’ charter of treating tax payers fairly.

Yes, we will lodge a dispute and it will be over-turned but this is such a waste of time and money and just further serves to erode the public trust in SARS that is already in free-fall.

Come on SARS, you can do better – you are touching lives negatively!