RSA Retail Bonds

RSA Retail Bonds

Much was made about the RSA Retail Bond when it was launched and about how it would provide a safe and cheap investment with a reasonable returns to the “man-in-the-street”.

Well, I have been trying to buy some of these for a “man-in-the-street” using the RSA Retail Bond website – what a nightmare. There is an application form online but no details where to submit it or how to pay the funds into an account.

So I sent an email to the address on the site – 4 days later and still no reply. So I tried calling the telephone number (which is the number investors are supposed to use if they want values) and it just rings and rings and rings until it goes dead…

I know that you can also buy these at Pick n Pay or via the Post Office but if that is the only way to do it then why have forms on the website? And if no-one is going to reply to emails or answer the phone, why have an email address or telephone number on the site? And if you are not going to reply, how do you expect investors to get information or communicate with you?

This is my first experience of using this investment vehicle for a client and so far, I am not impressed.

I have written to the communications manager at National Treasury – let’s see if we get a reply.