SARS – just like Alice

SARS – just like Alice

I had to make a trip to SARS in Cape Town this am to hand in the 6 paper provisional tax returns that I cant get on efiling – this is despite several email and telephonic requests to SARS to get them on e-filing.

As I arrived there I was greeted by the site in the picture below…

this is a many-hour queue (and it has been like this since November last year according to the SARS lady that helped me). Fortunately, I did not have to stand in line as I just needed to hand in docs and get stamped copies.

The whole exercise has got me thinking about SARS and e-filing and just how much like Alice SARS is…

For those of you who dont remember Alice (it is not a reference to the song) but rather to the little girl with the bump in the middle of her forehead. When she was good she was very good but when she was bad she was horrid!

And so it is with SARS and e-filing – when it is good it is excellent, but when it goes wrong it is awful! It is hard to argue or reason with a computer and even more so with a disinterested clerk at the other side of the call-centre telephone line.

Despite this though, e-filing is on the whole still brilliant – if you are not registered to e-file your annual and provisional tax returns then you are welcome to join the queue. Guess I will see you in August when I make my next trip to SARS to submit the few paper returns that I still cant get on e-filing – but at least I wont be waiting in any queues.