What we do…..?

Comprehensive Financial Planning (debt reduction & budgeting, risk cover, retirement planning, investment planning, tax planning, wills, estate planning, financial education

Financial Planning
Usually this involves the preparation of a financial plan for the client. The plan will identify areas of financial risk and propose solutions to these. We like to refer to this as the “prescription” that is given to the client who is then free to implement wherever they choose


Gregg Sneddon, CFP® is a registered tax practitioner and is responsible for the completion and submission of annual and provisional tax returns for a substantial number of clients. All returns are done via SARS efiling system.

Our focus is on personal income tax returns and we will also teach tax payers to complete their own returns so that they can submit them themselves in the future.

Investment Planning
Most investors think of risk in terms of volatility (the up and down risk). This is too one-dimensional because it excludes so many other measures of risk such as inflation, interest rates, currency, political, timing. The aim of an investment strategy should be to match the appropriate funds to the investor’s needs and time horizon.

Investors also need to be reminded that investment takes time and given sufficent time, most investments will produce the expected returns.

Financial Education
The Financial Coach™ has run financial planning workshops at a number of different companies. These have ranged from a few hours at atime to full-day workshops. We can modify the material to suit your requirements. Popular topics include budgeting, debt, understanding investment principles, wills, tax, pension funds as well as pre-and-post retirement issues. Drop us an email to find out more.